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Excellent, family friendly karate school. Master Greg is intelligent and passionate about what he does. He teaches the enriching values of Tang Soo do and how to defend yourself, rather then how to win a trophy. Over all, great karate school. - Rian B.

Very personal and tight group. Master Greg spends time giving his students the personal touch. - Rene Boisvert

Excellent small studio (dojang) offers a very personalized touch and a lot of individualized instruction. The instructor teaches both self defense and common sense in an atmosphere of fun. Best value for your money out there. - Lisa Boisvert

TTSDA has a Martial Arts program for all ages & fitness levels. Master Greg provides hands on instruction regardless of ability, to increase self esteem, allowing students to not only defend themselves, but also to achieve their goals. As someone who has been in & around Martial Arts for most of my adult life I would highly recommend Traditional Tang Soo Do Academy. - John A.

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