​Advanced Form #4

9th Gup - Hand Form #1

KEE CHO HYUNGS - (The Baby)  The name of these Hyungs and the creator is Grandmaster Hwang Kee, the founder of Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do. The Kee Cho Hyungs were created in 1947 in Seoul, South Korea. Each of these three Hyungs (Il Bu, Ee Bu and Sam Bu) have 22 movements each including ready and return stances.

BONG HYUNGS - (​Staff Forms)  GM Jae Chul Shin added all 3 basic Staff Forms to Tang Soo Do curriculum in 1982, after he founded the World Tang Soo Do Association

6th - 4th Gup Green Belt

​2nd Gup - 2 stripes

8th - 7th Gup Purple Belt

1st Gup - 3 stripes


Kee Cho Hyung Il Bu

5th Gup - 2 stripes

1st Dan Black Belt

Sae Kee Cho Hyung Il Bu

2nd Gup -  Staff Form # 2

​9th Gup - Kick Form # 1

​3rd Gup - 1 stripe

Black Belt form #1

​1st Gup  - Staff Form # 3

​SAE KYE HYUNGS - (World Forms)   Jae C. Shin, founder of The World Tang Soo Do Association, created these Hyungs in 1987. The forms were added to our cirriculum to give students a more well-rounded set of basic forms utilizing both hands and feet for practice.

3rd - 1st Gup Red Belt

7th Gup -  Kick Form # 3

10th Gup  White Belt

​​​9th Gup - Hand Form #3

Niahanchi Cho Dan..... Niahanchi Ee Dan..... Niahanchi Sam Dan..... Bong Hyungs.....Stick Form #1

PYUNG AHN HYUNGS - (The Turtle)  They were originally called "Jae - Nam" and were created by Okinawan Master Idos, in the Hwa Nam area of China, in approximately 1870. Master Idos reorganized the Jae - Nam into closely resembling the present day Pyung Ahn. When all 5 forms are executed back to back,it is a total of 138 moves, including ready and return stances

​BASSAI - (The Snake and breaking through the Fortress)  It was created in the mid to late 16th century, in the Ha Nam area of China. It is a Hyung of opposites: agility and strength, fast and slow and light and heavy techniques.The entire form has 52 movements

Traditional Tang Soo Do Academy

3rd Gup -  Staff Form # 1

​9th Gup -  Hand Form #2

Basic Hand Form #1

​​​6th Gup ​- 1 stripe

9th Gup White Belt - Red Stripe

4th Gup - 3 stripes

8th Gup -  Kick Form # 2

​Black Belt Form #1